Digital Health Guide

Digital expertise in the prevention of non communicable diseases

The Government of Flanders has established a preventive health policy to maximize health benefits for its citizens. Realizing these health benefits through prevention means increasing the longevity and the quality of life of our citizens by keeping, promoting or protecting their health.
Prevention means more than just preventing diseases. It also implies early detection and in many cases early intervention/treatment to prevent an aggravation of a certain illness.
Science Tribune is active in the development of concepts in the prevention of non-communicable diseases. In 2013 they received the Agoria e-Health award for the digitalization of the Health Guide, an instrument used by medical doctors to set up a personal prevention plan for patients.

Over 1.200 Flemish medical doctors already use this technology on a daily basis.
Science Tribune also cooperates with officially recognized organizations such as Domus Medica, an organization that serves the interests of general practitioners in Flanders.